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Le Sorgia 1992
In 1889 can be seen for the first time the sign saying "Chez Marion".

The hostel/café/restaurant is then ran by Eugénie Marion ( In the photo in the frame of the first floor window ).

For more than a century, the Marion family, owns this place.

Back then, Le SORGIA was simply a farm that welcomed travellers, offering them room and board, for a night or more

Marion family

Francisque Marion, Eugenie's son, took over her mother, well acccompanied by his wife Juliette.

In 1929, their son Georges Marion was born. He would then become, despite his real wishes, the main cook, but also a mason, a carpenter, a plumber and a farmer! It is truly thanks to him that Le Sorgia became what is is now.

His marriage with Yvette made the couple become a true landmark of Lancrans.

Georges and Yvette will undertake major works

which will give the establishment its current appearance.

In 1989, Dominique, the son of Georges and Yvette,

takes over the establishment with his wife

Dominique. They will taste

of the day the service

and the development




Dominique's nephew,

took over with the same view on the quality and originality of the dishes!

He therefore became the 5th generation of Marions owning the place!

Our history

The Marion Family

• Serving people for more than 130 years  • 

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